Friday, December 21, 2007

Books for kids......

I had a couple of emails about book titles for kids.... here are a few- I will try to get more later-
The Grimm Sisters series (there are 5 of them) by Buckley- Daphne and Sabrina have a happy life, until their parents mysteriously disappear. So, in waltzes Granny Relda (they thought she was dead) and she takes them in- and then the crazies start. Seems the girls are descendants of the real Grimm brothers, and the fairy tales are not stories- they are true accounts of crimes committed by Everafters (did you know that Riding Hood was actually a homicidal maniac? Or the police force-Hamstead and company- the three little pigs-their construction company fell through!!) Excellent read! Ages 9-12
The Philip Pullman series- The Golden Compass is the most famous one- go and see the movie trailer- enough said! Reading is a bit tough-at least a 12 year old read (and older)
Mature readers (as in the 13-14 year old crowd who can read anything) in my school have taken a liking to Mary Higgins Clark (girls mostly)-no swearing, no sex- but good reads.
Ridley Pearson (who has written spy things for adults and mysteries) is now writing a bunch of fantasy books for kids (11-12-13- and 14- year olds) They take place in Disneyland-and use techno scientific stuff- boys LOVE these books (I will have titles later-as well as more ideas!)
Happy Holidays!

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