Sunday, April 06, 2008

Suggestions, anyone?

I am considering selling off some of my stash (culling the herd, so to speak) and I need some advice. Do people generally look for oddballs ("one of" luxury yarns to experiment with)? Or small projects with ideas for what to do with the yarn? (Like scarf/mitt/glove/whatever with ideas either on line or in books) Or large project stuff (like sweaters/wraps) Or sock yarn? Or...? Is it that people just see a photo of something and lust after it? Or is it just a search for a bargain? And shipping. Cheapest? Or with a tracking number? Or should I just scrap the whole idea and put bags of stash at the curb and get on with things?

I have stash items that I will never in my lifetime knit up. Or the colour doesn't work. Or I thought such and such a yarn would work with such and such a pattern- but, no, unfortunately. And I tend to buy nicer stuff- no acrylic (unless there is something very special about it) in interesting colours.
Pictures are a MUST when selling yarns-I wouldn't be able buy anything for me, sight unseen. So that is a must do. Quantities (yardages incl.), as well as weights-also a must do. What else?

Now, onto yet another request. I am going to a wedding early June. What does one wear to weddings this spring/summer(late afternoon with an evening reception)? Suggestions from the fashionistas out there? Annie is going as well-she is 10.



Bea said...

You can sell stash on ravelry just by putting it in the trade/sell catagory in your stash listing. Also ebay. I think you'd want a picture, yardage, number of balls of it. If its through ravely it will link to that brand/type and then anyone looking for that would find it through their trade system. That seems to be the easiest (though perhaps not the fastest) way to sell the stash. It seems people on there list it at about normal cost in a yarn shop and then just say shipping is included.

I don't know about a wedding in the summer. I've only ever attended one and that was in January in New England so COLD.

DianeS said...

I haven't tried selling through Ravelry. I have bought from others directly from their blog with good success. You want the regular stuff...content, amount, color/lot and charge for shipping. Does Canada Post have something like US Priority Mail? They supply boxes, you stuff, pay & mail. It's pretty easy to get estimates in the US for shipping, so try your own mail website for info.

As far as what appeals to me...enough for a project (small or large).

A wedding? You're on your own!

KnitTech said...

I can't remember the name, but there is a blog that is devoted to selling stash. But you can do it on your own page, just as easily.

I tend to be drawn to colors. Don't really care about the rest.

freshisle said...

Everytime I think I want to weed out my stash, I end up casting on for more projects and wanting to keep it all. Awful!
An early June wedding might require a lovely knit shawl.