Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Danger Will Robinson

Yeah, danger for sure. I am currently on the laptop, because the big computer has had a period of iffyness, and now, the power source is f*cked. In other words, you can ppppooooossshhhhhh de button all you want, but it won't turn on. You get that satisfying "click", so you think something has happened, but zip, zilch, nada.
So posting will be even more sporadic!!!!
But you will NEVER guess what happened yesterday!!!! I came home, to walk the dog, and, as I was rounding the turn to home, I noticed a rather scruffy looking couple in front of my house. They were early 20s, dirty looking, a man and a woman. Pushing a grocery cart, with a backpack and a duffel bag in it. (in this neighbourhood? Weird) They saw me coming, so took out cigarettes, and made a big show of smoking them. But they didn't light them!!!!!!! So, when I was nearing the couple, I said the Bear, "Now Buddy, don't even think of doing anything-The last time you bit a stranger he needed all those stitches......" (Meanwhile, in Bear's eyes, there was a look of Who me? Bite anyone? Ech. Disgusting) And then I kind of eyed these two, and they started to walk along (after putting their cigs in a bag) I went into the house, locked everything up, went back to work. And, as soon as I got to work, walked in and called the cops. I am glad I did, because a squad car was sent out (good) and the officer I spoke with at the desk said that the description I gave sounded a lot like a couple of thieves who have been casing the neighbourhood, and breaking ion to houses. But get this-the grocery cart is their GETAWAY VEHICLE!!!!!!!!


Carol said...

Getaway vehicle? Umm, that's actually funny. The possible beak in thing, not so much. Clearly they didn't belong in you rneighbourhood, though. Maybe you should talk to the neighbours?

DianeS said...

Hmmm...don't most people give up shopping carts as transportation once they graduate?

And, of course, Bear is a dog of good taste (or at least wants treats that taste good).

Bea said...

oh my. I'm so glad you called the cops. Its too funny though that the getaway vehicle was the cart. How does that work. Run real fast while pushing it and then jump on? I'm glad you are ok and I'm sure Bear would have protected you.

Carrie Penny said...

Dude! Really! I am glad you called and were safe, but what is the deal with the getaway car being a cart... How did they manage to getaway... That is creepy!

KnitTech said...

OMG. Glad to hear you're safe, but that's scary.

Ruth in Ottawa said...

Creepy, indeed. I can empathize because a strange man walked through my yard a while ago, right up near the house; didn't look dangerous, but you just never know. I was just so mad I went outside and hollered at him, and he took off down the street! Hope the police catch them before anyone's burgled!