Sunday, November 04, 2007

Last Thursday, my Grade 7s, along with another class of 7s and their teacher, went to Fort Henry for an overnight "historical experience". Well, I swear- for a while, I thought we were in for a HYSTERICAL experience- the interpreters/guides were very good- but they ended their evening with ghost stories. And there are a couple, well, maybe more than a couple of kids who were afraid to admit just how terrified they were. But, luckily, we had no late night calls home to parents- all went well. It was a wee bit chilly, but they handled it all with great cheer. The parent supervisors were spectacular, as were the tour guides/interpreters. If you are looking for an excellent school trip, I would heartily recommend the Fort. The kids wear the old uniforms (replicas, actually) and tour the fort as "new recruits" to Her Majesty's British army (the tale is told that they all came in from the impoverished areas of London, England, by boat, to a better life). They spend time in drill, and in the school room, and they sleep in the barracks on cots.

This is one of the barracks rooms (there are two- a girls' and a boys', and can accommodate 40 people). One down side- The bathrooms are in the upper fort, so it is a bit of a hike to get there.

If you want to go, there are many websites, but this one seems to give the best info-

On the knitting front, about a year or so ago, I made a little lamb suit for a friend's new grandbaby. It had attached mittens and booties, and I guess the momma liked it so much , the baby wore it. A lot. Soooo- when the friend asked if I would mind taking the booties off, since the baby was getting a might long to fit into it, I said sure, no problem. But I gather the momma was embarrassed to let me have the suit back- because it looked "worn". Well, to tell you the truth, if it had looked perfect, I wouldn't have done the changes, because they obviously weren't wearing the thing on the baby. I actually consider it a compliment that the suit looked "worn" (not bad, just like it had been used regularly). So baby should be right back in his suit shortly.

This is the picture in the book of the suit- a Debbie Bliss pattern. Too sweet for words.


DianeS said...

So were you in a costume, too?

Very cute lamby and so nice to hear that it's being loved and used!

Miss Scarlett said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! That's great no one had to call home for rescuing - this summer at our work camping trip the older girls told each other made up ghost stories andddd the one who made the story up had to go home at midnight. She was hysterical and we couldn't convince her that nothing bad had happened - you know you can't reason with a hysterical 11 yr old who insists they believe in the power of the #13 ?!?

That is great that the little suit is being used! What every knitter hopes for. It looks like a very precious outfit.

Ruth said...

I made that very suit for my son while I was on 3 months hospital bedrest. It really is too cute for words - he got a lot of wear out of his, too!

Carrie Penny said...

The trip sounds great, but I am more concerned with this little lamb suit. It is just too (and I mean way too) cute! I love it and if it had not been worn I think I would have been hurt!

Carol said...

A worn knit that needed re-vamping is wonderful! I love it when I see people using my knits. Like the blanket I gave my cousin for his first kid. and was still in use 6 years later! It's a total lift to my mood!