Monday, October 29, 2007

Guess what time of the year it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yup- pumpkin carving with the wee one-here she is digging out the pumpkin guts. Pictures of finished product later.

The warehouse sale at the Ottawa Wool-Tyme!
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Annie went up to her cousins' in Ottawa for a Halloween party on Saturday, so I went shopping. And I got a wee haul. The scarf is Gedifra Soffice- I got enough for three scarves' worth ( the autumn colours, as well as pinks and bright blues) for my Christmas drawer (I usually have a few things in there for the times I am short a present). All of $15 per scarf. And the green sock yarn is On Line Supersocke 100 (Holiday Color) for $9.99 (wish I had bought more). The brown sock yarn in the front is actually Hacho (Mirasol project) that I got here at the local Wool Tyme for a scarf/wrap. The purple in the back is Apple Pie sock weight from Apple Laine (50% merino, 20% silk, 20% mohair, and 10% nylon) The company is coming out with a new mix that has less silk in it- and they are selling off all kinds of the old stock at a discount. I think they will become lacy socks.

And I didn't go to the Bead place just behind the Wool Tyme, since I spent so much time at Wool Tyme!!!!! I wish I had bought the 10 skeins of loopy mohair in that bright red for a wrap, though.

My mother in law wants our Christmas lists pronto. I want a new knitting book- any suggestions for really wonderful new ones anyone has seen?

Oh- Happy Halloween, if I don't get to blog again before Wednesday!


Miss Scarlett said...

I love those rainbow scarves! The colours are beautiful.

Carrie Penny said...

I really wish we had something more like Wool Tyme here. There website is horrid, but they carry some great stuff! They never seem to have their sales online though...

I am thinking about carving a pumpkin today after I get off work (9 am). Troy did ours last year and he did a great job, but he hasn't had time to get a pumpkin this year.