Friday, November 16, 2007

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth,,,

However, I think I did something very very bad to my knee. It hurts most of the time, but somewhere around a three level, so I can manage it. But now- it seems there is a tiny little troll that is hammering really hard inside the knee and making my whole leg swell up. (Just a side note-this is the knee with the replacement- it has never really been "right") I have really been pushing it- trying to do things I know I shouldn't do- but I just wanted to prove to those people at work that I could do it. Well, I did it and I honestly don't think anyone has even noticed (so much for that theory) Anyhow, I suspect it is time to go and see the surgeon again.

I got some yarn for a little sweater for the baby- I just have to finish it (I have the back done) It is from Naturally Yarns Buttons (LOVE that yarn) in orange and yellow and a bright aqua green- very cute. Here is the pattern-sweet or what??????

If I have time. I will knit the wee hat.

Apparently , the new mommy doesn't much care for traditional pastels (good) and has no idea whether we have a girl baby or a boy baby coming. So this should be just fine, I hope.
Gotta go- gotta knit!


DianeS said...

Bummer on the knee! You really do need to take care of yourself. At least you'll have lots of good knitting time while you prop your leg up.

I remember when I had knee surgery years ago, I went back to work too early, also. I was working as a sheet metal mechanic, so wound up propping my leg up on the oddest assortment of equipment.

Ruth said...

What a drag about the knee! Tell me you didn't blow out a total knee replacement to prove a point? I killed myself for 15 years in a manifestly unsuitable profession just to prove to "them" that I could overcome... stuff. And nobody noticed. (Quite possibly nobody has noticed that I'm gone now, either). Lesson learned though - costly personal sacrifices are best done solely for one's own reasons.

Miss Scarlett said...

Ahhh! That sounds painful.
I had a partial ACL tear with an MCL tear and cartilage too - I had surgery and 8 months of physio. My knee aches just thinking about yours.

I hope you won't need another surgery. Sorry to hear they're not paying attention to you at work. Perhaps they aren't worth it?

Sending you thoughts of healing...

Anonymous said...

I love the sweater, wheb is the shower, I think you better sit all week end with your leg up and you will be able to knit ruby