Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I got a TREAT!!!!!

Lookee!!! Lookee!!!!!
A while ago, I signed up for Knitter's Treat Exchange. The deal was this- a one time only, knit-treat-whatever, you reveal yourself, boom, you're done. I kinda liked the whole idea of that.
And today was MY day-The parcel was from Brianne in Richmond, Virginia. And check out the spoiling!!!
First of all, a great bag-just the right size to pop in a pair of socks, or a sleeve, or a piece of knitting-perfect. Some yummy coffees (I do love a nice cup of coffee- was never much of a tea person), candles (that "mandarin pomelo" smells awesome), a sheepy notebook, a satiny sleep mask (later about that), and 3 balls of scrumptious Classic Elite "Wool Bam Boo" in a stunning green-wow!!!! My treater must know how hard it is to get Classic Elite yarn around here- I haven't met one of their yarns I haven't liked. Sooo-as I was admiring my treat, in walks the Big Giant Poodle Head. Sniff Sniff, Snort, Snuffle- next thing I know, he has a sleep mask up over his nose.

So, he decides his job is to lay down amongst the spoils, just to see if there was anything for him, of course (he denied it, but I knew he was looking for a little somethin' somethin")

It is kind of hard to get mad at him, though. Especially when he flashes those big browns at you.

Thanks Brianne-in the words of one of my Grade 7 boys...."Ya done real fine." Thanks!


DianeS said...

The purple looks quite nice on Bear. I'd better not let Gypsy see that, though, next she'll be wanting one, too!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh Bear is so darned cute! That is adorable - just what every dog needs for a quick nap during a bright day.

Lovely treat package!

Lynne said...

Oh, nice package, Deb! What a great surprise. The bag fabric is great. I've just posted my eight weird things...after much delay!

Brianne aka Brandy said...

Oh wow! Bear looks so cute!

I'm so glad you liked everything!

Love... your now unveiled Treater!

now come on over and see if you can win some more goodies in my blogiversary contest!