Friday, May 25, 2007

Hey- Knitting Content! Whaddya know?

So I figured, this being a knitting blog, that I should, perhaps, start doing some knitting. Right? And "the broken finger, thanks to the Bear" is healing, and will now let me knit. Hmmmmm. What to knit? I am still working on the Big Red-Orange-Pink Kimono- I have just hit a "think spot" (I have to think about what I put in, where I am going, and what do I want to do next) So that is in the "marination chamber" (aka-in a bag, beside my bed). I had a couple of yarns I have been dying to play with- so out they came. The first is a Blue Heron Yarn-Rayon/Metallic. in colourway Macaw. Think rainbow bright with glitz. I wound up one of the skeins (I have two-for a total of 1100 yards)-and started entrelac (8 stitch squares on a 3.5 mm ) And this is what I got-

the two skeins-both wound up and in a skein( I love the way it looks in a skein!!!!!), as well as the piece of knitting, and a closeup. I think I like it-it is the middle panel for a wrap-I would like to frame it in black.

The other piece of knitting involves an unknown yarn (to me)-it is Persimmon Tree Farm, hand dyed "pot luck" yarn-wool/mohair. I have about 500 yards of that one. So I cruised around, looking at lace patterns, and thought-gee this looks interesting-it is soft as can be, with a lovely hand, and just a bit of fuzz. I think it will be a lovely, triangular scarf to wrap around my neck in the winter- I kind of want a new coat for next year- in a dark green. The colours in this are a rose, a bright lizard green, a darker green, a gold-peach-kind of sweet.
Otherwise, all is quiet on this front. I have to hunker down and get my report cards finished (didn't I just do those darn things?) And I have a couple of sweaters and a mitten up for show and tell at the local Wool Tyme- there is a bit of a shinding there tomorrow- I thought I might drop in.
I leave with you a question-a customer came into the store, and said she would love a sweater just like mine- Noro Silk Garden, entrelac front and back (small stuff- it was a 4 st entrelac-lots of turning), with a funnel neck and plain knit sleeves-what would you charge to knit it?


DianeS said...

Nice new projects there! So glad to hear that you're finger is on the mend.

Ruth said...

Somewhere in blogland I recently saw a figure for "Fair Trade" Fair Isle knit by actual Shetland knitters - the going rate for a sweater was $600. I struggle with this now that I am about to try to sell handknit scarves. Work out what the cost would be if you paid yourself minimum wage for the hours involved and then decide a)whether anyone would pay that much for a sweater and b)whether you would consider working for minimum wage, especially at that level of expertise / difficulty. The public perception of what garments should cost is heavily influenced by the pennies-a-day Third World sweatshops.

Carol said...

How much to charge for it? Ooh wee, that's a tough one. I would tend to say $400. but then again I have no real idea how knitting costs are figured.....