Sunday, May 20, 2007

Garage Sales

Our street had its annual garage sale-it is quite the circus. You basically scour out basements and garages, and pile it all out, pour the coffee, and hope for the best. The big draw at our house was the Bear. He was Mr. Personality-he "schmoozed" all of the people coming by-kids and babies right on up. It was interesting-he came with a choke chain (which I removed-I really don't care for the things on a daily basis). Since his behaviour has been impeccable (when we are out in the yard, for example, he doesn't even try to leave the boundaries- and we don't have fences...yet), we haven't needed to use it for training. So I thought to put it in the yard sale. But nooooooo. Bear grabbed it and lay on it, and wouldn't leave it alone. Tail wagged the entire time. So what gives? We finally had to put it in a drawer. That is part of the mystery of rescue pups-you don't really know the whole story. But it obviously meant something positive to him.
So after a whole morning of selling our wares, we packed up, started the housework for the week (why do we always leave it for the weekend????), and ended up hitting the local "East Side Mario's" with the neighbours for supper. I had placed my order at the same time as everyone else, but when the food came-nothing for me. It seems my plate had inadvertently gone to another table. Okay, things happen. So the manager came over, very apologetic, says that they are making up a fresh plate for me (thank goodness-I really didn't want to eat something that had been sitting at someone else's table- you just never know). The manager came over later, with a little note for me, saying how sorry she was. I ate, paid the bill-off we went. Then I thought-maybe I should check that note. It turned out to be a gift certificate for $20! Works for me!!!!!
I am involved in two Secret Pal Exchanges-SP10 and Knitter's Treat Exchange. I enjoy these exchanges-I like the giving part, and as well, it is interesting to see what you will get in return, based on your answers to their questions. I have sent out both of my parcels (quite some time ago) and got positive responses. I am getting my second SP10 parcel ready-trying to get it sent out this week. So tell me- what sorts of things have you gotten in secret pal exchanges that you truly appreciated and enjoyed???? Anything innovative that made you smile? I want to make this a special package. Suggestions are welcome!!!!
I also have been knitting-pictures later-when a little more is showing.
Have a great long weekend, fellow Canadians!!!!!


Miss Scarlett said...

Awwww - he laid on his choke chain? That is so sweet. I have heard of children taking back their belongings at garage sales, but never a pup. That is nice you let him keep it too.

Kira sends Bear a High 5!

Hey that is good customer service - that doesn't always happen at restaurants. Really, it is only in their best interest to go a little out of their way for people. Nice to see it happen.

Anonymous said...

Awww, that's so sweet, and yet strange at the same time - lol ... kids & animals get attached to the strangest things!
~ Your SP10 partner