Thursday, September 28, 2006

My brain hurts

Or maybe it has something to do with being cooped up, inside, because of the rain, with a classful of Grade 6/7's (smells and all) and the painters are at the school, and they are using some kind of enamel stink bomb paint, so you have to close the door. And the normally quiet, well behaved darlings have become, well, true teenagers. Oh my. Oh my.
My brain hurts.

I am knitting on a couple of things- my entrelac sweater is now joined at the shoulders, and the collar is just about done. The sleeves are going to be knit next, in stocking stitch (not in entrelac) The reason? I really don't think Popeye arms are "in" this season.

And... I have been knitting the Mason-Dixon style of "warsh rags" or whatever they called them-for my neighbour's daughter. She really likes them as face cloths, so hey-that's what you want, that's what you get (her birthday is coming up- she is either 12 or 13-can't recall). And she likes them all wrapped up around a nice bar of soap. With a ribbon. I knit her two in the summer, I have another 2 done, and I thought I would try for one more.

Man, I can be boring. Sorry. It's because my brain hurts.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oooo-eee! I got my sock blockers! I actually have a picture (but don't currently have the camera) because Becky (the designer and artist) wanted to see my face when I got them. Just imagine a huge grin and lots of happy giggling- then you would get my face.
School is chugging along- it has some highs, some lows. I am finding it the hardest to do the full day- I come home ready to fall into bed. Hopefully, things will improve!
So- what have I been working on? Oh- the Breton sweater from Interweave (out of Fleece Artist Wensleydale Longwool in a range of mossy greens). The entrelac sweater. Big Blue (I have to re-assess as to whether or not I like the sleeve) And dish cloths (or "warsh rags") for my neighbour's daughter (she is 12- she loves them for her face cloths-and her birthday is coming up) I am using the pattern from the Mason Dixon girls- quite addictive. And socks. Always socks. And my fingers are STILL itching to start a new project! I must be out of my mind. On the PA Day (that would be a teacher in-service day) I stopped a principal and asked her about her gorgeous sweater-it was 1 strand laceweight mohair, and one of a cotton with nubs of different colours on it, knit into a cabled and openwork cutaway sweater. It was storebought, and it was really gorgeous! I can see that one would be able to reproduce it without much trouble. She even took it off for me to get a good look at it (she was a knitter, so she understood). And I am itching to try a knit skirt. It is of my own design-and it is begging to get out!
Hold me back, dear Lord!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

For those who have lost a fur friend.....

This came from a friend-it works for me.

We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own - live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. we cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan...

not gone, just gone on ahead.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Mr. Boufu Butterscotch
May, 1995-September, 2006
God bless, little fur man.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Just a hint.....

Well, ya see, it's like this. I entered that KSKSwap (Knit Sock Kit Swap) and had a riot. I had, undeniably, the very best of both worlds. The person I gave to was appreciative of my efforts, sent wonderful emails, and was great fun to "chat with". The person who gave to me is imaginative, creative, a great emailer, and a very generous new friend. How generous, you ask? Well, hold on to your socks (heh heh) she made me a custom pair of sock blockers, after quizzing me on my likes and dislikes. She MADE them. She has a business making them and selling them- (Go and see- this is her blog- - the link to her store is there at the top)- but LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are MINE. Mine, mine, mine!!!!!! They are spectacular. Stupendous, gorgeous, copacetic, awesome, marvellous, and made even dearer because they were made for me. MADE for me. Oh I am so thrilled with them. Beck says she wants a picture of me with them- since she is sure there will be a grin there. (Oh yeah- there will be).
I am so lucky. I really am.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wanna see somethin' purty??????

This would be the back, and part of the front, of my entrelac sweater. I am using Noro Silk Garden in colour 211, and am sort of, kinda using the Debbie Bliss pattern (I always change patterns). This is the sweater I had totally forgotten about I had put it away last spring and then promptly forgot about it (Hmm-maybe I have too many projects???) But I do love it.
Bouf-still hanging on-still being force fed. Still worried.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today is an "at home day"

Because I suffer from chronic pain, I sometimes have to take a day off to put my knees up. And ignore the housekeeping. And just try to get back on an even keel. Today is that day. Sometimes, as a teacher, it is almost MORE trouble than it is worth to take a day off. The issue is have to write up every little thing that you do during the day so that someone else can do it for you. Blah. But it's done. I'm home. I hope to be able to return tomorrow.
New Knitty is up. It is completely awesome ! They get better all the time, I tell ya.
Bouf is not doing well. I tend to cry about that. So, if you know me, please don't ask about him.
And my knitting????? Well, I had forgotten about a sweater that I started last year-totally forgotten-it is an entrelac made out of a beautiful shade of Noro Kureyon. Pics when hubby brings the camera home-but the back is done, the front is almost done, then the sleeves and neck to go. Big Blue is on hold again-having issues around the sleeves. I made then snug (copying off a sweater I love) but now? Maybe too snug? heck-I have knit this sweater a gabillion times-I should have more to show.
I hear there is a knit-get together here in Kingston tomorrow night. Let me know if you want details!!!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


One week down, and how many to go? Yow. Too many right now for my poor knee to consider. (it hurts) And Boufie? Well, he is still a big mystery. He went in for a nose to tail x-ray of his gastro system-and ? - nothing irregular. Blood tests? Nada. Nothing to report. Test for Addison's? negative. So the vet starts thinking about maybe something to do with spasms around the opening to his stomach (it slams shut so that nothing gets in) Maybe. How does one treat it? Prednisone. Okay-let's try one shot, see how it goes. OMG. He came home and ate (he ate!) and drank (like crazy) and even had a little play! And then it wore off. Back we go. Another shot. Not as spectacular, but the little fur guy is hungry again, eats and drinks. In fact, last night, we took him over to the airport (one of his all time favourite places) for a TGIF (and fish fry)-the best part of it all, I think, was when I looked over and saw my daughter riding her two wheeler around the ramp (it was allowed) (she only started to ride this two wheeler about 3 weeks ago- after almost 3 years of trying) and Bouf? he was sitting on the grass, throwing a chew bone up in the air and catching it, then rolling over on his back! In the meantime, my husband was giving rides in the airplane he and his students built. I had a bit of knitting in hand, and a comfy chair.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wedding rings...and other things.....

(click for big, by the way)
Michelle, over at is getting married (yeah!) and she and I have had a couple of emails about wedding rings. My husband and I had ours made for us, by an extremely talented artist, named Kim Snyder (and he is here, in Kingston). The guy is amazing! Now I am not a great photographer, but the rings are really something. They are called "water rings"- they symbolize "never ending love" since water, of course, has no beginning and no end. (blah blah blah) He said he designed them on a canoeing trip. (or a rafting trip-can't recall) (It has been over 12 years, after all). My ring has a little "window" in it-S's does not. The idea behind that is when (if?) you have babies, the window can hold a small diamond for each baby. (my diamond is on the way-A is 8 years old now!) So Michelle-this one's for you! All the best!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Give me an S...give me a C.... an H......

And that spells SCHOOL! I went back to full time teaching today (I haven't taught full time for a gadjillion years) . And my legs HURT. Big time. So I think I will be taking it fairly easy tonight- maybe some marking, a bit of knitting, and watching my hubby on CKWS TV at 5:30 (yeah- he was interviewed flying the airplane the kids built- and it is airing tonight as a "get back to school" feature)-I must admit, it does give me a big kick to see him on the tube. In the meantime-A had a fairly good start- said she had one problem because on of her friends yelled at her (this is another 8 year old who seriously needs to take a pill sometimes- the other kid, not my A) (My A tends to be a bit more laid back). The dog goes in for more tests tomorrow- X rays and blood tests-heaven knows how much this is going to cost! But he is frisky and happy-I just want him to be well, too.
More later....maybe even about knitting!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Last day before work!

Now remember here, I haven't been to work since March 23 (knee replacement, ya know). And I haven't worked full time since, oh-the 90's sometime. But, since Great West Life, in all their wisdom, have decided that I can no longer be considered disabled (since I don't have the old knee anymore-it is all titanium or whatever)-but the fact that the recovery has not gone really well matters not to them. THEIR doctor said I am ok (never met the doctor) but MY doctor said I needed the summer to recover. Still waiting to hear the final decision ( I, of course, appealed it). But, in the meantime, the bank account needs to be fed. So-ready or not-here I go. Back to work. (And my leg is not really ready-heck-the doc won't even let me go to physio-says my knee is not ready-so how is the job of an elementary teacher considered to be OK?) An interesting aside-the person who handles my file at the insurance company changed jobs. The one who replaced her is the same person who has been responsible for cutting off my disability 4 times now (most memorable- a phone call 6 days before Christmas, and 10 days before we took possession of our first house together). I am beginning to think this is personal. (By the way-each time the disability has been cut off, it has been re-instated-the company was found to be in error). Okay-rant over. Bouf is still not great-we will be trying out a new vet-one that will listen to us, and has equipment that works (the x rays have not worked out, because the machine is very old and keeps on breaking down). Keep your fingers crossed that he will be fine. Or at least better.
And the good news of the day???? If you are in Kingston (Ontario) you MUST try out the Jade Garden restaurant (on Bath at McEwen)-the best Chinese food I have had in quite awhile. My neighbour and I (and our families) went out last night (and took my mom) for a massive feed. Awesome. AND-fed 7 people for just under 70 bucks (including the Chinese beer). So go. Have a good feed. You know ya wanna. Family run business, by the way.
God these things are addictive.... (but oh so true, of course)
Your Hidden Talent

Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.
You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.
Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.
People crave your praise and complements.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Hmm-seems I have some minor issues with my eyes- after spending five hours at the Emergency Eye Clinic. Don't get me wrong-I don't mind waiting for awhile in a hospital-means that I am not that sick-but they gave me an appointment!!!! Seems they gave the other 18 people the same appointment time. What's with that? Anyhow-the reason I went is because I had a red looking eye-and if I go to school with a red looking eye, the principal will point at me and say PINK EYE! and send me home (wait-what's wrong with that idea?? hmmmm) So I wanted to know, anyway. Seems it is related to my rosacea-it's like a super oil production in your eyelids-causing bacteria to clog on your eyelashes, combined with very dry eyes, and an allergy to something in the air. Sooooooo-a bunch of eye drops, and hot compresses-should clear it up. So how long with this regime-uh, dunno-until it's gone. So now I get to see the opthamologist in her regular clinic in 4 to 6 weeks. Seems she wants to follow me for awhile. It was kind of interesting when her resident told me to do one thing, and when I repeated it to her, she said,"Oh no no no-that would cause more harm than good." So how many people has he been telling this to, only to be considered wrong by the expert? (Glad I said something) She (the opthamologist) also found some preservative-free artificial tears, and preservative-free allergy drops-some free samples-because of all my contact allergies. Cool.
In knitting news-the wee baby who is getting the lambie suit is born-Riley, weighing in at 8 pounds 4 oz, almost 22 inches long-and he was about 4 weeks early! (apparently) The momma is doing fine-she must feel great now-since she is only about 4 ft 11 (wee baby must have been rolled up in a ball!) It was a C-section-apparently he started hollering as soon as his head was out! So that is going out to him. And my older sister, who sews and quilts and is way big into heirloom sewing, makes these hanky bonnets-a bit of batiste and lace-and a couple of stitches-voila- a bonnet. But the neat thing is that it comes with a poem-about the bonnet being worn by the baby, then, as a bride, take the stitches out, and it will become a hanky to carry with her bouquet. If the baby is a boy-it then becomes a gift to his bride on their wedding day. Cool, eh? Gets every hormonal mama weepy in under 10 seconds! Annie had one-I popped it on her head to be baptized in (on my first Mother's Day), and now it sits in her special box. (My sister sells these hanky bonnets, by the way).
And so-a little over 48 hours until school starts. And I go to work. Can you tell how tickled I am?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Just in case you think I haven't been knitting......

1. (You can click for big for any of these)
As I get ready for school (I teach Grade 6/7) and I realize today is the last Friday I can call my own for the next 10 months (brr-frightening!!!!!!) I thought I had best let people in on the fact that I really and truly DO knit!
Here's proof of what I have been up to.................
Picture #1- a green mohair blend scarf (Fleece Artist, of course) to go with the green sweater (#3)(This sweater is Fleece Artist Wensleydale longwool-like mohair without the fluffy falling off) (the pattern is out of Interweave) ( and yes, one teensy mistake- I am just going to sew a stitch over top-it will look like I twisted the damn stitch properly-so no, not going to rip that sucker out) Pic #2 is an aran made from Araucania wool, in a lovely mottled navy blue (I LOVE this yarn) The pattern is out of the Green Mountain Spinnery book (lots of good, basic patterns)(but with some flair). This is the front-the back is supposed to be this fancy, but I did the fancy "skirt" with a plain back. Next up-saddle shoulders on the sleeves.
Pic #4 is my Funky Scarf for the Funky Scarf Swap (so far-it isn't done) And the last picture is, of course, Big Blue with her new sleeve. I had knit all but an inch or two of the second sleeve , thought I ran out of yarn, ripped the sleeves out, then found the other ball. Hmmmmm. Made the sleeves narrower, but instead of the lovely striping I was getting, I got blotches and pooling and not so pretty. I tried modular sleeves-didn't care for them. Found this zig zag stitch-loved it-edged it in the Fleece Artist Ottawa-ta da! One narrow sleeve (I like narrower sleeves- they look better on me). Add about 3 other sweaters that are "almost done" and you have my works in progress. Crazy, hunh?
And- I checked out the proof for a pattern I designed for an upcoming book-oh my. They made me sound so smart. I could cry-I really could.
Bouf is eating today-I think he figured that since we have stopped picking at him, it's time to just eat and be normal again. The blood tests to show whether or not the dog has cancer were negative (Thank God). But he might have some sort of benign cyst or something growing inside his system. I am worried about him. But he does enjoy sitting on my knitting. So I plan to let him.