Friday, September 01, 2006

Just in case you think I haven't been knitting......

1. (You can click for big for any of these)
As I get ready for school (I teach Grade 6/7) and I realize today is the last Friday I can call my own for the next 10 months (brr-frightening!!!!!!) I thought I had best let people in on the fact that I really and truly DO knit!
Here's proof of what I have been up to.................
Picture #1- a green mohair blend scarf (Fleece Artist, of course) to go with the green sweater (#3)(This sweater is Fleece Artist Wensleydale longwool-like mohair without the fluffy falling off) (the pattern is out of Interweave) ( and yes, one teensy mistake- I am just going to sew a stitch over top-it will look like I twisted the damn stitch properly-so no, not going to rip that sucker out) Pic #2 is an aran made from Araucania wool, in a lovely mottled navy blue (I LOVE this yarn) The pattern is out of the Green Mountain Spinnery book (lots of good, basic patterns)(but with some flair). This is the front-the back is supposed to be this fancy, but I did the fancy "skirt" with a plain back. Next up-saddle shoulders on the sleeves.
Pic #4 is my Funky Scarf for the Funky Scarf Swap (so far-it isn't done) And the last picture is, of course, Big Blue with her new sleeve. I had knit all but an inch or two of the second sleeve , thought I ran out of yarn, ripped the sleeves out, then found the other ball. Hmmmmm. Made the sleeves narrower, but instead of the lovely striping I was getting, I got blotches and pooling and not so pretty. I tried modular sleeves-didn't care for them. Found this zig zag stitch-loved it-edged it in the Fleece Artist Ottawa-ta da! One narrow sleeve (I like narrower sleeves- they look better on me). Add about 3 other sweaters that are "almost done" and you have my works in progress. Crazy, hunh?
And- I checked out the proof for a pattern I designed for an upcoming book-oh my. They made me sound so smart. I could cry-I really could.
Bouf is eating today-I think he figured that since we have stopped picking at him, it's time to just eat and be normal again. The blood tests to show whether or not the dog has cancer were negative (Thank God). But he might have some sort of benign cyst or something growing inside his system. I am worried about him. But he does enjoy sitting on my knitting. So I plan to let him.


Anonymous said...

so glad the pup is doing better. nothing scarier than not knowing what is going on! i love seeing the works in progress. i shuld do something similar. mental note :) and your funky scarf looks neat. you should post progress to the funky page. i'm bummed no one is posting progress shots! anyhoo. take care and happy weekend. lesley

knitting gal from gaspe said...

great knitting. love the scarf. and bouf if better.

Becky / Knitting Interrupted said...

you have been busy! I get totally out of sorts when I have that many projects going at once.

Jen said...

Lookin' good, Deb! ;) I'm back to school soon, too (in the student sense), and I'm going to miss all that knitting time...

Hope we can get together again soon!


Carrie K said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear Bouf is doing better. That's so scary when they're sick.

Nice knitting going there!