Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Give me an S...give me a C.... an H......

And that spells SCHOOL! I went back to full time teaching today (I haven't taught full time for a gadjillion years) . And my legs HURT. Big time. So I think I will be taking it fairly easy tonight- maybe some marking, a bit of knitting, and watching my hubby on CKWS TV at 5:30 (yeah- he was interviewed flying the airplane the kids built- and it is airing tonight as a "get back to school" feature)-I must admit, it does give me a big kick to see him on the tube. In the meantime-A had a fairly good start- said she had one problem because on of her friends yelled at her (this is another 8 year old who seriously needs to take a pill sometimes- the other kid, not my A) (My A tends to be a bit more laid back). The dog goes in for more tests tomorrow- X rays and blood tests-heaven knows how much this is going to cost! But he is frisky and happy-I just want him to be well, too.
More later....maybe even about knitting!

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Anonymous said...

wow busy day for you it seems! as long as the girl doesn't do what i did...she's doin gok. i broke a kid's nose in kindygarten for pickin on me...thats what dad gets for teachin me how to fight :) positive thinking an dyour leg will feel bette ri am convinced. take care. secret scarf pal ;)