Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oooo-eee! I got my sock blockers! I actually have a picture (but don't currently have the camera) because Becky (the designer and artist) wanted to see my face when I got them. Just imagine a huge grin and lots of happy giggling- then you would get my face.
School is chugging along- it has some highs, some lows. I am finding it the hardest to do the full day- I come home ready to fall into bed. Hopefully, things will improve!
So- what have I been working on? Oh- the Breton sweater from Interweave (out of Fleece Artist Wensleydale Longwool in a range of mossy greens). The entrelac sweater. Big Blue (I have to re-assess as to whether or not I like the sleeve) And dish cloths (or "warsh rags") for my neighbour's daughter (she is 12- she loves them for her face cloths-and her birthday is coming up) I am using the pattern from the Mason Dixon girls- quite addictive. And socks. Always socks. And my fingers are STILL itching to start a new project! I must be out of my mind. On the PA Day (that would be a teacher in-service day) I stopped a principal and asked her about her gorgeous sweater-it was 1 strand laceweight mohair, and one of a cotton with nubs of different colours on it, knit into a cabled and openwork cutaway sweater. It was storebought, and it was really gorgeous! I can see that one would be able to reproduce it without much trouble. She even took it off for me to get a good look at it (she was a knitter, so she understood). And I am itching to try a knit skirt. It is of my own design-and it is begging to get out!
Hold me back, dear Lord!

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knitting gal from gaspe said...

Oh Deb, you will start something new if I knew you, but that is good .