Sunday, September 03, 2006


Hmm-seems I have some minor issues with my eyes- after spending five hours at the Emergency Eye Clinic. Don't get me wrong-I don't mind waiting for awhile in a hospital-means that I am not that sick-but they gave me an appointment!!!! Seems they gave the other 18 people the same appointment time. What's with that? Anyhow-the reason I went is because I had a red looking eye-and if I go to school with a red looking eye, the principal will point at me and say PINK EYE! and send me home (wait-what's wrong with that idea?? hmmmm) So I wanted to know, anyway. Seems it is related to my rosacea-it's like a super oil production in your eyelids-causing bacteria to clog on your eyelashes, combined with very dry eyes, and an allergy to something in the air. Sooooooo-a bunch of eye drops, and hot compresses-should clear it up. So how long with this regime-uh, dunno-until it's gone. So now I get to see the opthamologist in her regular clinic in 4 to 6 weeks. Seems she wants to follow me for awhile. It was kind of interesting when her resident told me to do one thing, and when I repeated it to her, she said,"Oh no no no-that would cause more harm than good." So how many people has he been telling this to, only to be considered wrong by the expert? (Glad I said something) She (the opthamologist) also found some preservative-free artificial tears, and preservative-free allergy drops-some free samples-because of all my contact allergies. Cool.
In knitting news-the wee baby who is getting the lambie suit is born-Riley, weighing in at 8 pounds 4 oz, almost 22 inches long-and he was about 4 weeks early! (apparently) The momma is doing fine-she must feel great now-since she is only about 4 ft 11 (wee baby must have been rolled up in a ball!) It was a C-section-apparently he started hollering as soon as his head was out! So that is going out to him. And my older sister, who sews and quilts and is way big into heirloom sewing, makes these hanky bonnets-a bit of batiste and lace-and a couple of stitches-voila- a bonnet. But the neat thing is that it comes with a poem-about the bonnet being worn by the baby, then, as a bride, take the stitches out, and it will become a hanky to carry with her bouquet. If the baby is a boy-it then becomes a gift to his bride on their wedding day. Cool, eh? Gets every hormonal mama weepy in under 10 seconds! Annie had one-I popped it on her head to be baptized in (on my first Mother's Day), and now it sits in her special box. (My sister sells these hanky bonnets, by the way).
And so-a little over 48 hours until school starts. And I go to work. Can you tell how tickled I am?


Samantha said...

Welcome to the worl Riley. :)

I hope your eye feels better soon. I'm glad its not Pink Eye.

knitting gal from gaspe said...

Hope your eye is better soon, and I dont know what I won , will see when I get the package from B>C>

Carrie K said...

Welcome to the world, Riley! And what a nice idea about the baby bonnet morphing into a wedding hankie!

I hope your eye feels better soon! I also hope that the clinic realizes it's one appt to one patient and what their residents are telling folks.

freshisle said...

Hope your eye starts to feel better. 6/7 split, mmm, not fun trying to follow both those curriculums! Have a great first day back!!