Friday, November 17, 2006

Wet wet wet

Holy crow- is it wet enough for ya? Last night, I had made supper, served both Sean and A. (hey- it is not a usual thing- usually it is all for yourself)- and just as I was about to sit down with my supper-the phone rang-my mom (lives about 3 minutes' drive away)- "Help Help - Emergency! My basement is flooded!" So- zoom- over we went- and oh man- she wasn't kidding. She had just caught it- at the moment when the sump pump decided not to be a stalwart little engine- but what a mess. her basement isn't finished (Thank Goodness)- but she had stuff stored in cardboard boxes (don't you just love that wet cardboard smell???) and she had area mats on the floors (they are pretty well toast). And tomorrow, we are up in Ottawa at our niece's birthday party at the NAG (National Art Gallery). I think I might do some Christmas shopping in the gift shop there- hmmmmmmmmmm.

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