Wednesday, November 08, 2006


SHE was fabulous-even with hand lotion in her hair (you had to be there) The SHE is of course, Stephanie Pearl McPhee-the Harlot herself-She was way cool- gave a great talk. I got to see lots of people I hadn't seen for awhile (even my nephew's new bride's aunt) (hunh? Didya follow that?) And Amy from Napanee- send me your blog so I can add it to my read list. The entrelac sweater got itself finished-I was really pleased with the end result-but the goblins of menopause decided it had to be a much colder day for me to wear it. But I dragged it along anyway-because I had told so many people that I was going to finish it and wear it-that the idea of seeing the Harlot kind of galvanized me into action. Don't you find that? A seemingly endless sweater might become a newly finished object de wardrobe, given the right incentive. I once knit a Philosopher's wool sweater, based on the Fassett poppy sweater, in about 6 days (yup-start to finish-all 23 colours). I was recovering from knee surgery at the time, and higher than a flippin' kite on Demerol, but it was a great sweater! I will be putting up pics of the entrelac sweater this week-just stay tuned.
The Bear still has the, um, same issues he had last week with his system-vet suggests we give him acidopholus (sp?) to get his innards back in balance-BUT-the good news- he gained weight. So the idea that he has Crohn's is a little farther away today. Keep your fingers crossed-his personality is spectacular, and he is a natural comic-two characteristics that endear doggies to me. And I am afraid he has bonded-with my 8 year old (her comment after we had had Bear for a week---"thank you so much for getting me a puppy that likes me") Yeah-he's stayin'


Ann-Marie said...

i saw the harlot tonight too.
your sweater is GORGEOUS!!

Jenny said...

I meant to mention to you that you can buy replacement coordinating or contrasting straps for your crocs!

Laurie Dolan White said...

Isn't it wierd that some projects seem to take no time at all and others drag out? I've knit a sweater in a few days also .... but have had a pair of socks kick my butt for two weeks. What kind of time spinning is that? :)
Nice here from the Harlot's page

Amy said...

Hi again! It's me-Amy. *loved* your sweater! I blog at

DianeS said...

Sounds like you sure had a great time with the Harlot.

I'm sure your vet has already considered food allergies. I wonder if that needs closer investigation?