Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Bear, and a Gnome Hat

If you haven't seen the biggest sucky animal in the world yet, well, get yerself an eyeful of this guy. He likes to crawl up and get all four paws on his intended victim (usually me, but sometimes the 8 year old or the husband unit) And then he squeezes his eyes shut and plays possum, until he actually DOES fall asleep!

And this picture is one of Mr. Bear just before he starts his move upwards to find a nice warm place to snuggle.

He has absolutely no clue that he is a big galoot. And with a face like that-hmm, I suspect he will get into lots of trouble.
Knitting news- I have started a hat for my niece- she wants something warm, covering her ears and part of her neck, soft, ties on somehow, and doesn't need a pompom. Soooo- I went to see what the handy dandy world of knit bloggers had to offer me and lo and behold! I checked out Knitting Iris (a very interesting blog) and she had a hat! And here is the pattern! (RUBY! this one is the one I was talking about) seemed to have all of the parameters sorted out. I had a couple of balls of the new Patons soy and wool-looks like it will take more than one ball-so I have it started- I will take a picture when it is done, because now, it really doesn't look like much. You knit a ribbed square- in a very particular way- and then graft the ends together-the hat ends up with a pointy top, you add a little garter stitch knitted band that buttons closed-LOVE IT! (pattern is apparently based on something from the 1940's-a baby hat) Oh heck- just go see it here-
I will let you know how it all works out-


miss ewe said...

Cute dog! Sweet hat too! See you tonihght?

DianeS said...

Awww, a huggy bear! Our 80 pound Gypsy has no idea how large she is either.

Beck in FL said...

That is the most precious photo and dog! Thank you for sharing. Give bear a squeeze for me.