Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just how Canadian am I??????

But first of all-this is the picture from Stephanie's blog (no I didn't hot link!!!) of the sweater that I have been talking about. It was way too hot (and I am way too menopausal) to wear it that night, but since I had talked about finishing it and wearing it at the Yarn Harlot's visit, I brought it along! And if you are looking for a pattern-don't, since I made it up and didn't write anything down! But someone told me that Debbie Bliss has a pattern sort of like this.

A good Canadian born and bred in Quebec!

You are 100% Canuck!

You rock, you are an almighty Canadian through and through. You have proven your worthiness and have won the elite prize of living in a country as awesome as Canada. Yes I know other countries think they are better, but we let them have that cuz we know better than they do, eh?

How Canadian Are You?
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I picked up this quiz from the Harlot's comments-thanks!


freshisle said...

Absolutely stunning sweater! I love entrelac but I'm not sure I'd have the patience for an entire sweater. Just lovely.

Beck in FL said...

Deb the sweater is beautiful! It would take me 10 years to finish something like that. I know you must be happy to do done yes?

DianeS said...

Fabulous looking sweater. Unfortunately, it will be cold enough, soon enough for it! (Like today)

duchessofgravity said...

wow deb that sweater is absoluetely fabulous! great job! i have to agree though i don't have that kind of patience. i'e been thinking i need a plain jane old stockinette sweater :) so i'm definately giving you props!

Joanne said...

Hi Deb.... The sweater is just stunning. Gorgeous! Thanks for the link to the quiz. It was fun. :-)