Friday, July 10, 2009

Well, I survived!!!!!

I met the other 9 writers on the team. And they were great. I had a few "deCheck Spellinger in the headlight" moments (okay, maybe more than a few), but I think I am on the right track. Because this is a pilot project, it is hard to gauge how much or how little to give us, or whether the deadlines are realistic, or...? On the way up to Toronto, on Monday, we were just ahead of the "parade" of the repatriation of a fallen military man. Yesterday, we watched the parade go up the other side of the highway (for the two helicopter pilots/passengers). Very, very sad. Each overpass had at least 30 people, often more, standing and waiting-police officers, firefighters, vets, civilians, ambulance attendants and paramedics, and concerned and interested citizens.
Annie and Sean spent some time together in Toronto- riding the subway (Annie said- "Hey-I saw a transvestite! White skirt and a five o'clock shadow!") and they also went all the way up the CN Tower. That was a great thrill for her (the CN Tower, not the transvestite-I think, anyway) ;-)
So tomorrow-off I go to Peterborough for my inlaws' anniversary get together. Bear will be going to his favourite Nanna!
I hope to knit soon-


Bea said...

Glad you made it through! And that Annie got to see a transvestite!

Carol said...

Betcha the transvestite was cooler in the skirt than the straight men wearing denim...just a thought :)

KnitTech said...

It might have been the transvestite!! All though, those are becoming more and more common here in Boise.

Congrats on surviving.

Jenny said...

Deb, thanks for the congrats on becoming a gramma! I'm not nearly as old as I thought I'd be when it happened, but we're all just bustin' with joy to know we'll have a grandbaby (and niece/nephew for Milo) coming up early next year. :D I'll have to start knitting as soon as it cools down here!!