Monday, July 06, 2009

Off to a new adventure.......

I agreed to a bit of a job- in Toronto and at home- to do some professional writing for the summer (and yes,get paid for it). So here I am, in a hotel room in Toronto- feeling a bit lonely. It didn't help that I got a phone call from my daughter saying she really really missed me. Or that hubby and I got into quite a spat last night.(I hate that). And the one and only restaurant in the hotel is closed-so I had to eat in the bar (listening to business men in the bar trying to out talk each other in terms of showing "their" women where they belonged (note to self- find out where these women are and tell them to run run RUN AWAY). So I will be here for 3 days- and then Sean and Annie will be back to get me.

OY. I am bored. But I am a bit excited about doing some writing again.

And tonight-I am going to do some knitting in that huge king size bed, with the TV on (hopefully there is a movie or something good) and not think about my troubles.

Oh- I am knitting a jacket from the "Knitted Jackets" book by Cheryl Oberle (very very good). It is the "Three Sisters" design, and I am knitting it out of some Red Bird Knits' aran weight Wensleydale Longwool-dyed by the Fleece Artist lady-in a lovely mottled warm olive- much like in the picture.

Isn't it pretty??????????????

By the way- still not sure of the sweater from the last post. Still doing my research on "Yvonne".

PS- I was over at Knitobsession- and she directed her readers here- to a contest. This lady has some beautifulkll colours of hand dyed yarns- and she has opened up a contest. Go and see- it is open until the 13th (? I think)


KnitTech said...

Three days isn't too long, you'll be home before you know it.

Carol said...

Sometimes those spats with the hubby are because we need some time away.....and now I am going to check out that pattern book about the jackets...excuse me a moment

DianeS said...

Well that isn't as much fun, is it? So is your hotel anywhere near Lettuce Knits or Romni Wools? You could drop a note to Amy Singer and see if she'll rescue you for dinner one night.

Samantha said...

Oh my! Three days isn't very long but sometimes its too long. Enjoy your quiet time and have fun! :)

Bea said...

Sorry you are bored! Hope the writing goes well and you have lots of knitting time too!