Wednesday, December 31, 2008

News from the front.......

I think Bear is getting over being afraid of my mother's dog Elmo. This is where Elmo sits when he has been sort of mean to Bear and Bear has taken some action against him. Bear doesn't bark or growl at him- he simply "corrals" Elmo until Elmo takes refuge behind the entertainment stand. And when he is behind there, he kind of reminds me of the "Puss in Boots" on Shrek- with those "sad eyes". Then, after a while, Bear lets him back out (after patrolling the front of the entertainment stand for 20 minutes or so). It is quite funny.
Bear keeps a pretty good eye on him. Note the paw on the floor. He's just letting Elmo know how quickly he can move.

But let's talk creative processes-here is the backdrop I designed and painted for the school concert.

It is a huge snow globe with a scene in it. I was asked if it was a real scene (as in-"Is it a real place?") It isn't, but I would like to believe that it would be my gazebo at my cottage, on the lake. You see, I would spend summers and Christmases there, after I win the lottery. (my other home would be somewhere warmer, but I do like snow at Christmas. Otherwise, snow should be something one can order in when wanted.)(which isn't bloody often).(Okay, heavily into dreamland here).

I also have been working on my "February Lady Sweater" (I get such a kick when it says it is sized for a "big assed lady") (which, of course, I am). See the progress?
On the sweater please. Not on my ass.
The blue is actually daker than in these pics- I played around a bit with the colour to get some stitches showing.
We had a wonderful visit with my sister-in-law and family. Annie gets along extremely well with the two kids. They play games that require imagination, not electricity. Love it.
Christmas was wonderful- I got a new chaise lounge, and 5 new knitting books. Tonight, we go to a neighbour's house for a wee party. All is well in my world.


Carol said...

The doggie photos are so cute! Hope progress on February lady speeds along!

Bea said...

You get dat mean doggy Bear! We with you ons that. We gots new doggy toos!! We gots a stuff doggy as big as Gussy. Can you believe it? ITs awesomes. You comes play? Loves, Abbys

(Love the sweater!)