Sunday, August 31, 2008

How will I ever manage?

Hey Babies- It looks like this here summer is pretty well done-so this is Bear, stretching as much sunshine into my day. Yup, pretty soon, all my people(my staff) will be going back to work and school. I will have to learn to be an independent doggie again-no people to cater to my every whim and wish.
How will I ever manage?????????

PS (from Deb)- To Carrie and Diane- I haven't sent your gifties yet- having a hard time narrowing it down- I will email when they are on the way!

PPS (also from Deb)- There are still a couple of spaces in the Lace Knitting workshop I am giving on October 4th at WoolTyme. Go and sign in before it is full!


DianeS said...

Oh, noes!!!! How will you survive??? Me lucky. My daddy-man works in de basement, so I alwayz haz staff. You can come visits wif me.


Bea said...

Hi Beawr. Dis Abby and...well Gussy...he grunt at me. We say hi. We miss mom n dad when they at work too. Day make us hang behind bars. Pwison! Anys, we all hang on puter? I sneak into pwison wit me. Dey tink I wants naps all day. Ha. Only like three four of day. Not ALL. Human silly. Oops...I have lot talk. Tomorrow eyeball get better. Mama say doctor. I know that mean vet. yuck. Dey have nice treat der tho.

(and Gussy)

Lynne said...

That is the funniest picture of the day! Thanks, Deb!

DianeS said...

Gypsy here...didz you feel me wavin' from dis side of de ginormous water bowl?

Samantha said...

How's he managing with his "staff" all gone back to work and school? LOL