Tuesday, August 19, 2008

from Bear

Hi. This me, Bear, coming to you from Alison's cottage. There was this lounge chair, all by itself, looking specially lonesome, so what is a poodle guy to do? My momma was acallin' me and I was being all quiet, and she came down by the water (huh- she thought I might go into the water?? Silly momma) and there was little me, all curled up for my afternoon siesta. Gee, it is tough being a poodle. (Even though your momma laughs at you and tells you to consider getting down. Hmm. Not me. No sirree)
The two ladies who wons some fluffy stuff from my momma are here-
Carrie said "Daddy, this is the last time I play Lassie with you" and Diane had one, too- but it is saved on the other puter and I is way too lazy to go and open it up. My momma tells me I is sloth, in person. Wouldn't that be sloth, in dogdom?
Well, if you two ladies could send my momma an email with yer addresses, she will sendee you some stuff. Kay?
Night night. I go sleep now.


Bea said...

Beawr you veri cute. You take nap now sew you pway later. K. Abbys says hi.


DianeS said...

Bear--dat a comfy lookin' sleepy place you gots. I get my peoples to take picture of me on de new couch they got me. There's enuf room for bof of us if'n you visit.


KnitTech said...

Bear, it's okay not to look water. I got four cats who loathe the stuff as well.

freshisle said...

Such a sweet pet! Don't they just always find the most comfortable places?