Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A funny

We were at the soccer game last week, and, of course, had to bring the bear along. Sitting next to us was a little boy (maybe 2 years old) and his parents. He pointed to the dog and said ,"Puppy?" I said ,"Yes. His name is Bear." The little guy got this sort of scared look on his face and grabbed his dad's hand and said, "Dat's a bear?" So, of course, his dad decided to be funny and commented on polar bears and such. Then the little guy gets way confused and comes over to Bear and quietly asked if he wants to be cold.
Kind of cute.
I have been knitting (honest!) but don't really have much to show for it. I can't seem to keep my interest on just one thing lately, and it shows up in things like my knitting, and all the other little projects I keep working on. And then, of course, there's school. Gonna start soon. Hate that guy who sings, "It's the most wonderful time of the year...." Wanna stop him.


Ruth in Ottawa said...

That's a cute Bear story! We used to have a black German Shepherd named Wolfgang, which of course was shortened to Wolf, and people
freaked out because they thought he really was a wolf (actually he was more like a sheep in wolf's clothing).

I've been suffering from startitis for the past few days, too. Is it the weather? The phase of the moon? Incipient panic because Christmas is less than four months away and none of my knitted gifts are finished yet?

Bea said...

:) I bet Bear would have said "Yes I like it cold" Too much hot is bad.

Hey Beawr! I sorry Gussy was mean earlier said I not want tolk to you. I like you lots. I have heal first afor I can sees you cause I scratchy myself again. This time near my eye. mom no happy at all. I hope you is not getting to cold up der. It very hot here. It get better soon be only hot here.

love and smoochys

DianeS said...

Nothing like a Fiber Fest (with a skein & garment competition) to get one moving to finish up a few items that have been languishing. Now I can get back to "normal" and start multiple projects at once!

Gypsy sez it nice lately...nots too hots 'n nots too cold. Still problems with bitey bugs (they so itchy). Mommy sprays me with really-big-puppy stuff & it helps keep 'em away.

freshisle said...

Wanna stop him? I could throttle him, mute just isn't enough.
I'm never ready, are you ready?