Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Christmas music

Ya know, there is something about Christmas music that makes me happy-not the fall down and roll over laughing kind of happy (there has to at least be sex involved for that one) but the smiley-life-is-good kind of happy. I listen to it all year round (by myself- puh-lease- I don't impose my odd interests on others). I especially like the classics (you know-Bing and co.) and the "new" versions (Santa Baby). And I like to knit when I am hearing this stuff-I find if I am knitting for others, it makes me knit a bit faster.

So there you have it. My quirk.

Any other quirks out there? care to dish?

In other news- I saw this pattern (La Lana wools) I love it- but I can't afford the pattern ($25) or the yarns ($200++) But I have a bag and a half of Colinette Prism-10 in Kingfisher (a blend of blues, purples) and 6 in an almost solid indigo. I thought I might try my hand at it. But then I saw this pattern- in the new Vogue Knitting-oops I can't show you now, as I can't seem to find a pi]c on line- but it is designed by Norah Gaughan- and it is made in her lovely tiled pattern- hexagons and triangles-and I really don't know which one to pick. The Gaughan one has to be resized (the jacket is done in one size only- a finished 44")(too small). But the other- I will have to recreate completely. I also have 3 skeins of Colinette Cadenza (a dk weight wool) to do some kind of trim- either a lacy edging, or maybe a row of the fine here and there.

Any opinions?


Carrie Penny said...

It is very kimono-esque. I like it a lot! I might do the center panel in a differnet color for myself, but I really like it!

Anonymous said...

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