Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well, Arisaig is sitting in the marination chamber for a bit. I tried to use some vertical bust darts to add a little extra room for the girls, but I didn't like the way the lace looked. (If anything, it looked "clotted" along the dart) Not pretty, let me tell you. So now I am thinking that I will add extra rows from the high waist to the armpit, and then gather the side seams along that point- so extra boobage room will happen. Right now, I need to sit and think about it for a bit- just to see if there are other options. I actually considered a couple of different things- that I rip out all the ribbing on the main part of the body, do it over in lace, and use stocking stitch on the bodice. Then I thought, if I left the ribbing alone, and then knit part of the bodice in stocking stitch (the parts that go over the girls, like what a bra would cover, so I could work in the short rows) and then pick up stitches around it and make a wide lace border. Hmmm. Still must figure out the best way to go (for me). I don't want something that screams-hey-check out these hooters. But I want a good fit.
So, enter the Kauni yarn. It has been taunting me like crazy. But I need to make the sweater larger. It has a flare around the bottom, and you have to account for that. As well, you make an icord, and pick up stitches all along it (very tailored, very clever). So when I get the numbers sorted out, I will publish them. I am aiming for a finished 52 inch chest. However, my hips are smaller than that.
Stay tuned.
School is progressing-if I stay in my classroom, not going to the staffroom, I am much happier. I just don't know what is going on.
Oh well.


Anonymous said...

just go in, do your job, enjoy your students and don't get involved with the stuff from the staffroom.

Carol said...

Coworkers can be VERY trying. I completely get what you mean. Do what makes you happy. Bring some knitting for the lunch-hour or something...