Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am still here!!!!

I truly am- it's just that work is very demanding lately-more so that I had expected. In fact, Tuesday night (when I finally got home at 5:30), I threw supper on the table, decided to take a quick bath (my knees hurt more lately), then have a 20 minute snooze before I started my marking. Well, the 20 minute snooze my ass. I woke up at 6:30-in the morning. My husband said he thought that if I was sleeping so soundly, it would be best to let me sleep. So, of course, the kids had finished a math test on Tuesday-and the first question on Wednesday morning-"Are we getting our math test back this morning?" (I have an evil voice in my head that says things like- "yeah, kid, Bathing, eating. sleeping, family life- everything is on hold for you, because you are so much more important that everything, and I wouldn't want you to wait any longer than 2 seconds for every little thing you ask for.") Instead- "Nope- since I have 25 to do to your one, I figure you guys can let me take a little longer to turn around a test."Okay, a little snarky. But God help us all if the evil voice ever gets out.


Carol said...

Oh, I know that evil little voice. It pops up in my head when I get a client inmy pharmacy asking incredibly stupid questions like,"I dusted my house with this pesticide and it said not to breathe it in. I didn't wear a mask or anything and I think I used more than the recommended amount. Now my lungs hurt and it's hard to breathe. But I don't have a doctor. Do you think Benadryl will work?" Evil voice:sure, try the Benadryl, this is what we call evolution at work. Professional voice: Go to the emrgency room. I think you poisoned yourself.

DianeS said...

There's an ad on TV lately that starts out sayng "People are Smart". No, they're not; people are dumb. At least that's what my evil voice says.