Saturday, November 07, 2009

I'm alive!

I swear I am- just really busy. I guess it is because I didn't really take time off this past summer (well, except those 5 days I took off-I worked all summer on a Ministry writing project), but I am finding it difficult to recharge. I am also working pretty hard at school. And what is all this insanity about the flu virus? I tend to believe the saner, wiser heads that say, "Yes, H1N1 can be bad. But it isn't as bad as it is hyped up to be. So just do your best to keep healthy."So far, the most kids I have had out are 5 (out of 25-but not all were flu related). I haven't been to an H1N1 virus vaccination clinic yet. Around here, the people who are supposed to go are those in the high risk groups. So- HERE IS MY SOAPBOX RANT....What IS it with people who are perfectly healthy but absolutely insist they have to step ahead of the high risk groups and get their vaccinations????????? I know of many seemingly normal people who have decided that the health of someone who has an ongoing risk (which could be quite serious) is not important to them. The only thing that is important is getting the H1N1 flu shot BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. Stupid stupid stupid. I realize that some people are saying there may not be enough to go around in this round. So- I am healthy- I will wait until the next round. But what about these others? The people with severe asthma, or wee babies, or people with other ongoing health issues. What about them?

I really don't get this strange phenomena-step on anyone you want in order to get what you want. but soothe your conscience by saying "I am only doing it for my kids". Hey- I am teaching my child how to keep herself healthy. When she was 3 1/2 years old, she was blindsided by a severe virus that tries to shut her liver and her pancreas down. Not something I would ever want her to go through again. However, she is healthy now. She is strong, eats the right foods, and has learned the lessons of "Wait your turn." and "Take care of your fellow man." Other parents have taught their kids "Push ahead of everyone." and "It's right if you get something out of it."

Makes me worry about the future of the human race.

Onto knitting news, since I can rant about this all day!

I have knit a hat and mitts for a newborn to be (scheduled c section for mama is the 18th) We know it is a little girlie, so the set is very pink! (Pictures to come) This wee baby also has a sister-who is 2. We got her a tutu skirt from Old Navy so she can dance for her new sister on the day she is born.

I have also been knitting hats and mitts and Christmas ornaments (they are over at Wool Tyme in Kingston- go and see!) And I have a couple of sweaters on the go. I burned my right hand fairly badly-so until all the peeling is over, I won't be knitting too many things!!!!

And that's about all for now!!!!!


Diane said...

I was just about to send off a note to you...glad you're still with us, although sorry about the burn.

What do those of us do that are borderline being high risk? Well, we wait, like everyone else, because the H1N1 vaccine is just not available around here. For that matter, they seem to have run out of the seasonal flu vaccine, also.

Much knitting going on around here also. Mostly for sale at a consignment shop (where fingerless mitts are actually selling). I've got to get cracking on Christmas projects, though!

Gypsy sez: Hi Bears! I just had dinums. U knowz what? Mommy got me rubber chicken 'n' its all mines!

Carol said...

Yup. The H1N1 flu is actually LESS deadly than regular seasonal flu. Why the freak out? I dunno. And whe people try to pull the 'I am a special snowflake' crap on me, I then ask them, "so, if doctors, nurses and pharmacists get sick because there wasn't enough vaccine, who is going to prescribe the Tamiflu, dispensse the Tamiflu and look after your sorry a$$ when you are hospitalized? Hmmmm?" Generally they have no answer