Thursday, February 12, 2009


I had to go to school on the bday. There WAS some freezing rain- just enough to cause an annoying "indoor recess" kind of a day, but it was all cleared for the end of the day. Oh well.
But when I went out to the car that morning (to go to school), there was a card on my car from one of the neighbours. How nice- I thought. And when I got home after school, another set of neighbours were there with a card and a $50 certificate for a local restaurant ($50 for 50 years!). Extra nice! And then yet another neighbour came by with a handpainted scarf for me (with a POODLE on it, of course!). All extra special because they were totally unexpected. These neighbours really made my day.
And the day was made even more special because of all of the birthday wishes from my web friends.(thank you, all of you)
Way cool.


Renee said...

Happy Belated Birthday (I'm slow making the rounds these days)!

Ruth said...

Happy belated Birthday! Do you feel all baaaad and mysterious in your sleek black convertible?

Bea said...

You have really awesome neighbors!

Anonymous said...

i have ordered a gift for you but you will get only in april ruby