Monday, February 02, 2009

It's here!!!

I came home from work this week, and noticed that my driveway had an extra "somethin' somethin" in it!!!! My new car!!!!!!! I love it. I really really do. It is all black, inside and out (hubby thinks we should call it Sammy, as in Sammy Seal) and very slick. I still can't take it to school- it needs to get licensed and safetied and all that stuff. But with the weather these days- holy cow- snow city!!!!!!

But we did take some pictures.........................................

And I did drive it around a bit on its trip permit- just to make sure everything worked and all. It did (AND HOW). I have never had a car with leather seats before. And they are even HEATED! (How I love heated seats) And it has a 6 CD disc changer, and an awesome sound system, and just everything is perfect. I figured, in the spring, we can put Bear ( a white standard poodle) and William (a neighbour's black standard) in the back seat and see how many times we can get our picture in the local paper!!!!!!!!

I really love it. Thank you, Sean.

And on to the dilemma about mother's present-I have decided to make her something. To tell you the truth- because we both knit, I usually give her yarn, not finished items. So, I have decided to make her a wrap/shawl, out of Noro Silk Garden Lite, (colour 2013 B)using domino knitting. The tie in to her birthday is that I will make it out of 80 squares. Some squares will be bigger, of course, but it's a start. I will post a picture when there is more to show.
edited later: I added a poor picture- the colours are true in the swatch (above) I don't know what happened to the colour in this picture.
It gives you an idea of what I am up to. Whaddya think?

And now for a gratuitous Bear pic- This is what I think he was dreaming about, night before last. The old legs were just flying, and the face muscles were twitching, but he was fast asleep.

Funny thing- when we first got Bear (he was a neglected animal), he didn't dream like that. Now he does. In fact, one night, he even got his howler working- and yes, he was fast asleep.


DianeS said...

Very, very nice! I bet I know which car is getting in the garage!

The weatherman printed a summary in the paper today for january. It was not my snowed 28 of 31 days last month.

Carrie Penny said...

1) On the car... SWEET! Seat warmers are the most brilliant invention in cars in the last 20 years!
2) On the wrap, I love it and it is coming along so pretty!
3) Bear, it is a wonderful feeling to see an abused animal find comfort living with you. I kitten-naped my cat in college (Grim Lynn) and it took her about a year or two but she became the happiest most loving animal I had ever known. To see the old girl now is just wonderful, she cuddles, on her terms of course, she plays and she loves to torrment my step kids labrador.

Samantha said...

Nice car! My old car had leather seats. I miss them. They're so much easier to keep clean.

I like the knitting too. How are you picking up the stitches to do each square? I want to make a mitre square afghan but don't want to stitch a million squares together. Picking up stitches is brilliant!

Ruth said...

What a fabulous present! And the image of black and white dogs in the back seat of a gleaming black convertible: perfect! (You will, of course, dress the part - perhaps black leather and creamy white lace?)

Bea said...

Excellent car. I'm sure it will look rally good with black and white standards cruising along this summer. Abby and Gus chase things when they sleep too! Its always so funny (well for me because I don't wake up when they get into it at night. Poor Chris though.)

I love the shawl wrap. I think its gorgeous. I'm sure your mom will love it.

(Hi Beawr! Dis Abby. Gussy say Hi. I runs around backyard to nights too. With Gussy when go crazy. Mom yell NO really loud. And run at me so I think she want me run over her. But She not want me run some reason? I love her but she not so smarts somes time. I feels fine. I likes run. I not know what problem is? I gots go chews a bones. I shares wit you if you comes visits. Loves, Abbys. and Gussy, but he already busy wit his bones.)

Bea said...

Oh yeah I love the seat heaters too. :)