Sunday, October 19, 2008

New project

It is certainly fall around these parts. Not only are the mornings cool and clear, and there has been frost on the ground, and the colours of the trees are spectacular- BUT- I know it is fall because I want to knit sweaters. For me.

I had started a sweater a while ago- out of some kettle dyed yarn- so it would be a bit streaky (the yarn is a deep indigo blue "Araucania Nature Wool Solids") This is really interesting yarn-I quite like it. Anyhow, I started a pattern out of Green Mountain Spinnery- an aran patterned gansey style thing, with a deep, patterned "skirt". But the yarn wasn't right- the streakiness looked "off", and the dark colour hid the textured patterns. So....what to do with this freshly frogged project? I went into Ravelry,, went searching for freebie patterns- and came across the "February Lady Sweater". Pamela Wynne took the baby sweater pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Almanac, and altered/rewrote/whatevered until she had a big sweater! And nit is really something! I am on the lace part-it is a top down construction, so you start with the bodice. I think this is going to be the kind of sweater that you can pop on over dress pants and a Tshirt and look "put together". Or wear it with jeans and look casual and comfortable.
This is much nicer than a sweat shirt.
But not much to photograph at this time!


Bea said...

oh! Can't wait to see it!

Renee said...

Me either!

Carol said...

I have seen a couple of other people do this knit and it is rally nice. good choice.