Friday, December 15, 2006


Sometimes, I go to work (I am a teacher) and I think-oh man-why oh why am I doing this to myself? But there are more days when I say to myself-gee-this is a great way to make money. But I like to believe that when a parent entrusts their child to me for 6 1/2 hours everyday for about what? 190 days of the year, that the child is safe. So my heart goes out to that school in Prescott (I think I got the town right)-an 8 year old boy was killed when some tables fell on him. At school. My daughter is 8 and I know what 8 year olds can get into. But what the hell happened here? Little boys are not supposed to go to school and then not come home. This time of the year, there are a whole lotta things going on at schools, and kids are perhaps a bit rangier than usual. But what happened? We may never know, of course, but oh my. That poor family. That poor school. So tragic.

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Jenanne said...

Oh, wow. How awful!