Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How many more sleeps until little reindeer hoof prints????

This is what my backyard looked like early this morning. What is it about snowfall that makes me want to hunker down and knit like crazy? I have the back and one front done on the purple sweater. I have modified the front-it called for 6 ruffles (actually more like double inverted pleats with a little bobble at the top of the pleat) (very nice and tailored looking). But 6 pleats across my hips. Oh good Lord no. We don't want to be scaring the little children, doncha know. So I cut it down to one pleat on either side of the front, and instead of a boxy sweater (no shaping) I put in an a-line shaping from the bobble up. I think it will look very smart. And I just want to get into my jammies, with a pot of decaf coffee, and knit like a fiend with a good movie, or Stargate reruns, or something good on the tube. And not go to work. (Grade 6/7 kids are fun, but new snow and Christmas make them a little unpredictable).
PS- Bear wasn't too sure he was going to like this new white stuff (he was just a little puppy last year, and I don't think he remembers too much about snow). So he finally went out, and had a little poke or two, and then a giant crazy poodle head romp!

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Jenny said...

Gasp! You love Stargate!? I looooove Stargate! Nick was Teal'c for halloween! Pics on their way!