Friday, June 12, 2009


My husband, bless his fuzzy little heart, has been working hard on a program with kids who, basically, weren't doing so well. He has them for three periods in a row- and he builds choppers with them. Not just any choppers- hand built and finnished bio-diesel machines- made form old motorcycles annd bits and pieces of all kinds of things. The bio-diesel is made from the French fry oil from the cafeteria. Check it out! He will also be on CBC Radio (Ontario Morning) on Monday.
Isn't he cool?
Love ya, baby-
PS- If you go to YouTube-andn then channel, type in kitplanesolutions, you will see other "old man" videos. Used to be airplanes, now, well, one never knows!!!!!!!!!


DianeS said...

Very, very cool! Not only a fun project, but one that teaches the kids much more than just putting parts together.

Judy G. said...

Dropped in via Knitting on Impulse- I just bought a Dyson on Saturday, but may take it back and exchange it for the one that you can use on hardwood floors. (1200 square feet going in next week) It is scary good- our central vac is ancient and has no filters and vents into the garage, so the dual filters on the Dyson will be much appreciated by those in the house with allergies.

I would have sent you this via email, but I couldn't find an address on your blog.

KnitTech said...

Way kewl Deb's Sweetie!! Those are some nice rides.