Thursday, January 08, 2009

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

And all the buses in the county were cancelled! Thank you to all those dancers out there-your combined efforts pushed the weather gremlins right over the top!!!!!!! I did have 9 kids, but it was a pretty relaxing day.

And I have some news! I will be turning 50 next month, and my husband announced what I am getting for my birthday. I'll give you a hint-it's black and it's sexy!!!!!!!!!

And speaking of birthdays.............Today is my husband's birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!


gaspe knitting gal said...


Bea said...

Happy Birthday Sean!! (ya totollly happys birthdayss! Hi beawrs! Loves, Abbys and gussy.)

gaspe knitting gal said...

i thought it was red

DianeS said...

Gypsy sez must change wiggle direction. My Mommy had to to to works in the cold & snowys.

Also hopes Bear-Daddy got good chewie toy for birfday!