Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A letter from Bear........

Dear Abby and Gus,

I was so happy when I saw the package come to my momma's door. It smelled soooo good. I knew it was from my (girl) friend and her live in playmate. And I had to chomp my new bone-ee-o. And my snuggle puppy!!!! I do love a teddy for me to snuggle and chomp and play with. And you guys and your momma remembered me!!!!!!!!!

I love you guys.

Love, Bear

And yes, there was a lovely parcel-and in it, some treats for Bear (see above) a bag for Annie, a bag for me, some lavender sachets (great for keeping your knits fresh and free from um, visitors), some stitch markers, and a skein of luscious yarn- dyed by YarnPig herself!-Petunia sock in Forest Path colourway. Way nice. And why the riches in the mail??????? Because Bear won a contest run by the YarnPig- Bea from
http://bea-blacksheep.blogspot.com/ . Bear was able to predict which of the pups would choose which treat to coincide with the American election. (that Bear is a clever one, isn't he???)

See the face on my new snuggle puppy! He's roadkill!!! I love him so much.

Thanks, Bea, and Abby and Gus. It was one fine package!


Bea said...

Hi Bear!! Its me Abbys! Moms gives me free times from crates today because my leg looky good and I not limps. She says I write say hi cause i not say hi for long long time.s I glad you like you toys. We likes dem too. We happy share wit you! Gussy say hi too.

Abbys. (and Gussy)

ps you looks so cutey in your photos. I give you big doggy kisses. mmmmwahh.

Carol said...

Everybody happy! That's a good thing.

DianeS said...

Gypsy here...thoze sum good toyz you has! It been real buzy 'round here. Daddy be busy builin' a kitchen, Mommy goes to works & then helps him, Meg goes work then helps GranJan paint her new home and there wuz lots of turkey last week...smoked & fried, but peoples not share much with us doggies.

Mommy did get a big stuffy bone for each of us for turkey-day. She sed they was bribes to keep us busy. There wuz 3 of us that day....me, Sadie and Smokey.