Monday, September 29, 2008

I know, I know......

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. Sorry. I guess the situation at work has been more trying than I thought. Hopefully, I can get how I feel about it under better control.

Anyhow- about what I have been up to in the knitting world. You know how, when you knit a baby sweater as a gift, the parents will love it (of course!!!!) but once baby outgrows it, well, that is it. I have started making tiny "replica sweaters"- same style, same yarn (although I had to split the plys to make a finer yarn), but tiny-no more than the size to fit the palm of your hand. Make a little wire hanger, and voila! A keepsake at Christmas-a wee ornament for Baby's First Christmas! I thought it might look smart to have a little bit of ribbon tied at the top (still have to get that part!) What do you think?

(Sorry about the blurriness- I love my little camera, but it DOES have its limitations!)
I have also been putting together my lace workshop (at Wool Tyme, Kingston, this Saturday). Because I know that some of the participants also read this blog, I will keep that part "under wraps" for now.

The other "big knitting job" has been working on the top down sweater made out of Fleece Artist Ottawa (very nice stuff to play with). First of all- I have never ever made a top down sweater before. And I don't have a pattern for this one- just an idea in my head. I wanted the "bodice" to be ribbed, a high waist, and then a lacy "skirt" below that. The sleeves will depend on what I have left at the end! Because of the "thick and thin" nature of the yarn, it was difficult to find a lace pattern . I took a simple eyelet based stitch pattern and modified it.

Hmm- what else is new? Oh- we have decided to install hardwood in the main living areas of the house. We are just in the initial phases-we(by that I mean- "the husband did it and I watched") had to remove tile at the front door. We wanted a bigger area of tile there (too tight when people were trying to come in and take boots off) but, of course, couldn't find any matching tile. And, of course, the Big Giant Poodle Head wants to help out (he is, of course afraid of loud noises).
So he just cuddles up to his own "Big Doggie" and supervises the work. (Yes, that is the "teddy" that he sleeps with. He attached himself to one that Annie had- dragging it into his bed and lying on it (and occasionally shaking the hell out of it) I guess he figures it is like sleeping with a brother- I don't know- but he is very attached to it!)


KnitTech said...

What a clever idea for the mini-sweaters!

DianeS said...

The mini-sweaters are just adorable and what a great idea! I make wee little mittens for the wee ones next door (I'm up to my 4th pair for the older girl and the 3rd pair for their son)...they've said that they'll either use them as little Christmas ornaments or maybe even make a garland out of them.

Oh, Bear, if Gypsy had her druthers, she'd be hiding (er resting) under the bed if it weren't already occupied by a trestle bed.

Carrie Penny said...

I love the mini sweater idea! Super cute! The unshrunken sweater is super pretty. I love the way it looks so far! And Bear is just way too cute for his own good.

Good luck on the flooring!

Bea said...

I think the teeny sweaters are a great idea. Bea

Hi Beawr! It me Abbys. I have doggy for my crate. I have three puppies. Mom say one puppy a sheep, but dopted or not I love him. I like chew puppy snout. Mom giggle at me. I fling dems round toos. Gots go. Loves, Abbys.

Carol said...

Poodle-head is so cute with his buddy!