Friday, June 01, 2007

For the next two weeks-

Things are going to be a bit "hit or miss" for the next couple of weeks. I have final reports to write (I teach Grade 6/7), as well as a class overnight trip (we are going to a Guide camp!!!) and about a gazillion things to do before our above ground pool arrives. Yeah, we decided to put one in, so A. can just step out into the back yard for her swims. It will be fun for all of us, I think! So-hopefully, I will have something to show (in knitting terms) in a couple of weeks-because I plan to knit when I have down time!
Take care- see you in a bit-

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Miss Scarlett said...

My dream come true!
A pool in your backyard - that is so great.
Have a good camping trip and good luck with all of your reports.